Retinal Tear and Detachment

The retina lines the inside of your eye and is responsible for sending images to your brain. This is similar to the film inside of a camera. When the retina pulls away from the inner wall of the eye, this is called a retinal detachment. Detachments can be caused by a retinal tear.

Symptoms may include flashing lights, a curtain or veil sensation over the vision, or many new floaters. Sometimes these symptoms are present without a retinal detachment. An eye exam is necessary if you experience these symptoms.

If a retinal tear is diagnosed, treatment is usually performed with a laser to seal down the retina with several rows of treatment spots surrounding the tear. The procedure is usually done in an outpatient setting under a local anesthetic. This usually will help to prevent a retinal detachment from developing later. If the retina is detached, surgery is performed to place the retina back into position.